Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard Edge Protectors

Cardboard edge protectors are solid boards made from cardboard, specially designed to protect your products from external damages during transit and storage in the warehouses. Concerning its versatility, cardboard edge protectors can be used on a wide range of products. 


Structure: made of tightly pressed Kraft layers of paper

Common Size

No Size Weight (gram)
1 V3 : 30x30x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 130
2 V3 : 35x35x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 150
3 V4 : 40x40x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 175
4 V4 : 40x40x4mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 235
5 V5 : 50x50x3mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 235
6 V5 : 50x50x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 375
7 V6 : 60x60x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 450
8 V7 : 70x70x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 560
9 V7 : 70x70x7mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 680
10 V8 : 80x80x5mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 520
11 V8 : 80x80x8mm(thickness) x 1000mm (length) 830




- Replaces expensive packaging material

- Saves work and material

- It is environmentally friendly

- Can be sent all over the world without any need of extra treatment, such as the fumigation required for wooden material



-Reduction in prduct Damage lee chance of product being crushed during shipping and storage.

- Increased Load Stability maximum strapping tension can be used without crushing product.

- Improved Shipping & Handling- allows more product to be placed on pallets, reducing handling costs and increasing warehouse and shipping space.

- Increased Profits-reduced product damage means less rejection of product by customers.

- Can be used with nails, staples and screws. Sturdy and reusable compostable.

- Sturdy and reusable.

- Accept custom.



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