Wooden Sofa pallet

Wooden Sofa pallet

Sofa pallets are sofa patterns that make use of the wooden pallets to form chairs. Wooden pallets are planed, closed and repainted into luxurious and modern sofa and seat patterns.

The advantages of wooden pallet sofa are cheap, beautiful, luxurious, fancy design.
With its rustic, vintage style. Sofa models made from pallet wood can be used in many different spaces. From the luxurious living room space to the outdoor space is fine. Because of this variety that homeowners can use in many different occasions without fear of major problems.



Light weight, easy to decorate

The normal sofa set has quite a large weight if made of a good wooden frame. And this weight increases many times if using an iron frame or stainless steel frame. However, if using a pallet pine sofa, their weight is lighter.

Previously it needed 2 people or more and it was very difficult to transport, now only 2 people are easy to do this. Thanks to that, when it is easier to clean or simply change the layout space.


Low price

Due to being utilized from wooden pallets, their prices are cheaper than conventional sofa sets. Can be combined with fabric cushions or felt cushions to make the chair more comfortable. If not using different types of cushions, their price is only a few million refills.



Envi's sofa pallet products are manufactured from high-strength pine bars with diverse designs. Our products meet European and American export standards.

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