Plywood is a material made up of many thin boards of the same size. They are stacked and bonded firmly by specialized adhesives. The wood is pressed under high pressure and under high heat to create quality laminated wood panels.


- Size: 1220x2440mm, 1000x2000mm, 1220x4000mm

- Thickness: 8mm, 10mm, 12mm, 15mm, 18mm, 20mm, 30mm

- Tolerance: +/- 0.5mm

- Main raw materials: acacia, linden, cajeput, ...

- Board surface:

+ Covered veneer: Walnuts, wlanut, mahogany, oak, oak, oval, teak, canarium, oil, purple cuffs, bivalve, red type, ...

+ Laminate coating (for mica): Wood grain, monochrome

+ Surface treatment: sanding flat and smooth without splitting or tearing.




- Plywood has high hardness and mechanical strength. Furniture products made from Plywood wood have excellent resistance to warping.

- Wood is resistant to water and high humidity, in a well-ventilated environment. Plywood is the only industrial wood that can be soaked in water without any additives like moisture-resistant greenwoods.

- Extremely good screwdriving and adhesion ability, easy to construct and assemble.

- Capable of bending plywood panels.

- Wood has been smooth sanded surface, saving cold treatment time.


Application of Plywood wood

In the modern furniture industry, Plywood are widely used. With good bearing capacity, high stability they are used to make wooden floors and partitions.

Plywood type using surface coating is used to produce furniture such as: wooden sofa, wardrobe, bed, ... In addition, Plywood is also used for building boats, creating concrete molds, ...




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