Portable folding picnic table

Portable folding picnic table
With a simple and modern design, the portable folding picnic table is perfect for parties and dinners, especially organizing BBQ parties in the summer. Enjoy dinner outdoors under the stars with your family or indoors, this table will do it all. At the same time, it adds elegance to your garden, balcony, porch, poolside, ... your home.
This pine / glue / rubber picnic table makes a great addition to the patio. With a smooth finish and an H-shaped stand stand, this table is both lovely and functional. You can fold it neatly to a dry place when finished.



Please send us the desired size, we will design it according to your requirements.

This product is certified for sterilization and durability. European export standard.




We are based on the principle of quality and service, service and affordable style: simple, modern. This product is warranted for 1 year, returned within 7 days for technical defects.

In the midst of a vast sea of people, we have met, when you choose us you choose to believe. Let us serve you with quality products and services that exceed your expectations.



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