Wooden Storage Crate with door

Wooden Storage Crate with door

Wooden crates with doors make it easy to put goods in and out. As well as professionally ensuring the safety of your goods

Whether you need wooden shipping crates for trade shows, Storage, to transport fine art or for large manufacturing operations, our wooden shipping crates are designed to be durable and resistant. regular use as well as abrasion resistance. Our wooden shipping crates are manufactured to protect your fragile items with custom cargo mounting and foam padding inside for maximum protection during transit and are built to last. at even after many uses.


Size: 2440x1524x2286mm or customized


- The box has a door to help put goods in and out easily, and a door lock helps prevent goods from being lost

- The box is manufactured from high quality plywood and LVL, durable and friendly.

- The box can be assembled and disassembled into each part with Klimp quickly and easily. And stacking in containers helps save a lot of shipping costs.

- In particular, wooden crates are highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions during transportation and storage, helping to minimize damage and waste of goods.


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