Wooden Crates For Indoor Storage

Wooden Crates For Indoor Storage

Storing goods is one of the important steps in the production and business process. With the introduction of increasingly diverse and demanding goods to the market, preserving and transporting goods has become a challenge for businesses. In particular, in the current digital technology age, electronic products, medical equipment, food... require careful preservation and transportation to ensure quality and safety for consumers. use.

To solve this problem, wooden crates for storing goods have been widely used and have become an optimal storage solution for many industries.

Benefits of using wooden crates for packaging:

- Wooden crates help protect goods from external impacts or oxidation. Goods are shipped in wooden crates to avoid damage and distortion during transportation.

- Protect goods from impacts from the air or water environment, corroded, damaged or broken goods causing large losses.

- Especially small goods such as electronic components, machinery, and equipment to avoid being lost. The safety of goods is a top business concern. Therefore, using wooden crates and wooden bales to package goods is the best protection.

Carton size: 2134x1524x2286mm or customized


- The box is manufactured from high quality plywood and LVL, durable and friendly.

- The box can be assembled and disassembled into each part with Klimp quickly and easily. And stacking in containers helps save a lot of shipping costs.

- In particular, wooden crates are highly durable and can withstand harsh conditions during transportation and storage, helping to minimize damage and waste of goods.



Preserve wooden crates in warehouse

To ensure that the wooden barrel is always in good condition and can be reused many times, it is necessary to store the barrel in a cool, dry warehouse. Avoid exposing wooden crates to water, direct sunlight and termite-causing factors. If the wooden barrel is damp or shows signs of termites, it should be treated and cleaned thoroughly before use.



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